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The Art of Sampling


For years musicians have been sampling anything they can get their hands on, Clay pots, short dialog snippets from movies, and even bicycle wheels. You may ask how to play a wheel? The answer is revealed in The Art of Sampling.

I have created a short list of music with some of the most original sampling techniques.


The Beatles – The White Album

Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of the Moon

The Orb – U.F. Orb

The Future Sounds of London – Lifeforms

O Yuki Conjugate – The Euphoria of Disobedience

Steve Roach – Artifacts


To hear an audio version of this post with music and lots of samples, click below.


Music used in this post:


Michael Hoppe, Martin Tillman, and Tim Wheater – The Waiting – Afterglow

Leo Abrahams – A Different Light (Jon Hopkins Mix) – Scene Memory

Steve Roach – GroundSwell – Artifacts

Jon Hopkins – The End – EP1

O Yuki Conjugate – Where She Goes At Night – The Euphoria of Disobedience

Jon Hopkins – Black & Red – Contact Note