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Slow Sunday Morning Grooves


Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny


– Beyond the Missouri Sky –


Sunday mornings are defiantly slow at my place.  Usually I wake up late and drink plenty of coffee while listening to Quiet Music on a local Jazz station.  The show focuses on the softer side of Jazz and from time to time I find my self ordering much of the music featured. 

Beyond the Missouri Sky is one of the must have releases that defiantly complements a lazy Sunday morning. The slow motion grooves are perfect.


Check out “Our Spanish Love Song”″

Röyksopp – Junior




It was in the glory days of college that I discovered this band by accident. Bored at my night job I was surfing the net for new music and came across “Remind Me”. I went out and bought Melody A.M. and have been a fan since. Royksopp’s latest offering Junior continues to deliver the quirky electronic arrangements with more vocals than the previous releases.

Listen to You Don’t Have A Clue:″

The Movements of Solar Fields



Solar Fields


Released: 2009

Genre: Ambient



For those of you who loved the early nineties of electronic Ambient House music, Solar Fields has been around for a few years releasing dynamic electronic excursions revisiting that almost forgotten sound. His music is somewhat like what you would hear from the Future Sound of London with a much more organized futuristic approach. His latest release [Movements] is now available for pre-order.


“Swedish producer Magnus Birgersson wrote this sixth album in a way that relates the changes in his artistic life at a time when he was composing the interactive in-game score for Electronic Arts video game Mirror’s Edge.

[ Movements ] is composed of 11 tracks floating into each other to create a sense of shift in realities.
As always when discovering any album from Solar Fields, one mustn’t look back but rather open this chapter prepared to be moved to new directions.” Source:
Ultimae Records

Check out a sample track here: 

Visit  Solar Fields MySpace

When The Haar Rolls In


James Yorkston

When the Haar Rolls In

Released: 2008

Genre: Folk



James Yorkston is one of the premier artists of the British folk music scene.  His songwriting complimented by the music of his Athletes band, holds a minimalist structure that is quiet soothing to the ear.


What I like about James’s music, especially on his most recent release: When the Haar Rolls In is the warm feeling you get while listening to his singing set to the gentle plucking of acoustic guitar. On a cold day with a warm beverage, this music is perfect listening while kicking back and doing absolutely nothing.


For this release James decided to print a limited edition box set version of 1000 copies. The set includes a double vinyl version of When the Haar Rolls in, A CD version, a second CD of some of his songs remixed and a third CD of covers performed by various bands such as King Creosote and Nancy Elizabeth. You also get a few keepsakes such as a canvas tote bag and a small lapel pin that reads “I ♥JY”


To hear an audio review with music click below.

Visit James Yorkston’s MySpace page

The Art of Sampling


For years musicians have been sampling anything they can get their hands on, Clay pots, short dialog snippets from movies, and even bicycle wheels. You may ask how to play a wheel? The answer is revealed in The Art of Sampling.

I have created a short list of music with some of the most original sampling techniques.


The Beatles – The White Album

Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of the Moon

The Orb – U.F. Orb

The Future Sounds of London – Lifeforms

O Yuki Conjugate – The Euphoria of Disobedience

Steve Roach – Artifacts


To hear an audio version of this post with music and lots of samples, click below.


Music used in this post:


Michael Hoppe, Martin Tillman, and Tim Wheater – The Waiting – Afterglow

Leo Abrahams – A Different Light (Jon Hopkins Mix) – Scene Memory

Steve Roach – GroundSwell – Artifacts

Jon Hopkins – The End – EP1

O Yuki Conjugate – Where She Goes At Night – The Euphoria of Disobedience

Jon Hopkins – Black & Red – Contact Note

Where Edges Meet

Ambient music has come a long way since the release of Brian Eno’s Music for Airports or the psychedelic chaos of Pink Floyds The Dark Side of the Moon, and it’s a good thing to know that there are musicians out there still shaping the future of how we listen to this often-bizarre combination of noise and rhythm.  Ultimae records create a darker mood to the sounds of Ambient with their releases often identified as Morning Trance. This month Ultimae releases the new and intriguing sounds of James Murray with Where Edges Meet.


 “Where Edges Meet is an intimate and ambiguous album, a wistful playground for broken breakbeats, jazz inflections, sideways dub and avant-garde electronica”.  Source


Available from Ultimae

Preview: Empty Sapces below:


Early Christmas

Today is November 28th.  For me it’s an appropriate day to kick off the holiday season. Eating left over turkey, Christmas music, putting up the tree, and yes if you’re crazy enough–shopping.  When I was younger the day after Thanksgiving was when a few radio stations would start airing back-to-back Holiday classics. We never even thought of Christmas music earlier, especially on Halloween night, but that all changed for me this year when I joined a few friends to dish out treats on a night reserved for ghouls and ghosts.


On the way to their place I was scanning the radio looking for something decent (which is rare) to listen to.  And yes I came across a station playing continuous back-to-back carols for the holiday season. Needless to say I could hardly get into the mood of Christmas nor did I really want to. So today I think it’s finally okay to play your favorite Holiday tunes.


To get you started I have listed a few recommendations:


Vince Guraraldi – A Charlie Brown Christmas (damn good!!)

Tino Izzo – Christmas

John Serrie – Upon a Midnight Clear

Ray Conniff Singers – We Whish You a Merry Christmas