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When The Haar Rolls In


James Yorkston

When the Haar Rolls In

Released: 2008

Genre: Folk



James Yorkston is one of the premier artists of the British folk music scene.  His songwriting complimented by the music of his Athletes band, holds a minimalist structure that is quiet soothing to the ear.


What I like about James’s music, especially on his most recent release: When the Haar Rolls In is the warm feeling you get while listening to his singing set to the gentle plucking of acoustic guitar. On a cold day with a warm beverage, this music is perfect listening while kicking back and doing absolutely nothing.


For this release James decided to print a limited edition box set version of 1000 copies. The set includes a double vinyl version of When the Haar Rolls in, A CD version, a second CD of some of his songs remixed and a third CD of covers performed by various bands such as King Creosote and Nancy Elizabeth. You also get a few keepsakes such as a canvas tote bag and a small lapel pin that reads “I ♥JY”


To hear an audio review with music click below.

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