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The Movements of Solar Fields



Solar Fields


Released: 2009

Genre: Ambient



For those of you who loved the early nineties of electronic Ambient House music, Solar Fields has been around for a few years releasing dynamic electronic excursions revisiting that almost forgotten sound. His music is somewhat like what you would hear from the Future Sound of London with a much more organized futuristic approach. His latest release [Movements] is now available for pre-order.


“Swedish producer Magnus Birgersson wrote this sixth album in a way that relates the changes in his artistic life at a time when he was composing the interactive in-game score for Electronic Arts video game Mirror’s Edge.

[ Movements ] is composed of 11 tracks floating into each other to create a sense of shift in realities.
As always when discovering any album from Solar Fields, one mustn’t look back but rather open this chapter prepared to be moved to new directions.” Source:
Ultimae Records

Check out a sample track here: 

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Where Edges Meet

Ambient music has come a long way since the release of Brian Eno’s Music for Airports or the psychedelic chaos of Pink Floyds The Dark Side of the Moon, and it’s a good thing to know that there are musicians out there still shaping the future of how we listen to this often-bizarre combination of noise and rhythm.  Ultimae records create a darker mood to the sounds of Ambient with their releases often identified as Morning Trance. This month Ultimae releases the new and intriguing sounds of James Murray with Where Edges Meet.


 “Where Edges Meet is an intimate and ambiguous album, a wistful playground for broken breakbeats, jazz inflections, sideways dub and avant-garde electronica”.  Source


Available from Ultimae

Preview: Empty Sapces below: