Early Christmas

Today is November 28th.  For me it’s an appropriate day to kick off the holiday season. Eating left over turkey, Christmas music, putting up the tree, and yes if you’re crazy enough–shopping.  When I was younger the day after Thanksgiving was when a few radio stations would start airing back-to-back Holiday classics. We never even thought of Christmas music earlier, especially on Halloween night, but that all changed for me this year when I joined a few friends to dish out treats on a night reserved for ghouls and ghosts.


On the way to their place I was scanning the radio looking for something decent (which is rare) to listen to.  And yes I came across a station playing continuous back-to-back carols for the holiday season. Needless to say I could hardly get into the mood of Christmas nor did I really want to. So today I think it’s finally okay to play your favorite Holiday tunes.


To get you started I have listed a few recommendations:


Vince Guraraldi – A Charlie Brown Christmas (damn good!!)

Tino Izzo – Christmas

John Serrie – Upon a Midnight Clear

Ray Conniff Singers – We Whish You a Merry Christmas





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