No Country for Old Men

I can’t count how many times I considered watching this movie and either placed it back on the shelf or turned up my nose at the dated plotline. After hearing mixed reviews, I finally went through and, to my surprise, wow! This movie is actually descent (in a dark and twisted kind of way). Set in rural southwest Texas, a humble welder who takes pride in hunting happens upon a drug deal gone sour.  Bodies lye everywhere and unoccupied 4X4’s sit vacant in a circular pattern — this is creepy.  The plot thickens when the welder, played by Johs Brolin, finds a satchel of cash and the chase is on. You get a mad killer (who uses an archaic technique for slaughtering livestock) murdering anyone who gets in his way, a group of Mexican outlaws who want all witnesses to the crime scene dead, and an old sheriff (played by Tommy Lee Jones) who lags behind putting all the pieces together.


Unfortunately, we are forced to use our imagination on how any of the events came to be, but one thing that does prevail is the creepiness of the sparse and dusty desert southwest and the dangers that lurk in the middle of nowhere.


My recommendation: Chase with a wedge of lime.


Ambient background music provided by: Carter Burwell




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